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Now FDA-cleared for Onychomycosis*
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GenesisPlus is the culmination of more than a decade of experience and one of Cutera's most advanced Nd:YAG laser systems.
Multiple applications for toenail fungus, scars and warts.
With integrated temperature display LEDs, GenesisPlus gives you the feedback you need for maximum clinical results.
Unparalleled marketing materials and practice support from a leading laser company.

Toenail Fungus

GenesisPlus — the premium laser for onychomycosis, scars and warts — provides a fast and effective solution without additional costs. The unique features of GenesisPlus make it the laser system of choice to maximize your return and effectively clear the nail without drug therapies.

Our Technique

Nail fungus infection is a
condition which can be
embarrassing and even

This process effectively
clears the nail without drug
therapies or surgery

Live Your Life

Our Laser effectively clears the nail
without the risk of using a possible
dangerous drug therapy. Contact
us today for more information.

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